Are you looking for ease of installation and durability on your next jobsite? Konkore Fittings® Rigid Fittings are zinc plated and made from steel, malleable iron and grey iron for long-lasting durability.

Our Rigid Fittings, or often referred to as GRC or RMC, are used to join two lengths of conduit and couple conduit when it cannot be turned. Our rigid fittings feature a plastic liner that won’t crack, swell or shrink and resists corrosion, chemicals and extreme temperatures.

Konkore Rigid Fitting applications include:

  • Connectors to mount Rigid/IMC pipes to electrical boxes
  • Couplings to connect two Rigid/IMC pipes together
  • Bushings and hubs that insulate conductors and provide grounding
  • Elbows that provide access to conductors for pulling
  • Heavy duty straps and clamps to hold pipes in place
  • Elbows to provide Rigid/IMC pipes 45-degree and 90-degree turns
  • Heavy duty cast device boxes for switches and outlets for dry or wet locations

Some of the features of our Konkore Rigid Fittings include:

  • Ease of installation/Quick-Connect
  • Universal connecting – Threaded to Threaded, Threaded to Unthreaded
  • No more turning pipe
  • Self Pipe Alignment
  • Elimination of field threading

UL® File numbers:  E207875, E212551, E213669

Listed to UL® Standards: 514A, 514B, 6, 467 & 2239