4 Apr 2017

ecm-product-of-year-2017Konkore Fittings® is pleased and honored to announce that the Universal Super Fitting®, one of our latest product innovations, was recently named a category winner in the prestigious 2017 EC&M Product of the Year competition.

Universal Super Fitting® captured the Fittings (Conduit & Cable) title after a thorough review by a group of independent judges. The panel of judges, represented electrical professionals from the engineering, contracting, and plant facilities and maintenance industries. The category winners will go on to compete for the 2017 Product of the Year Platinum, Gold, and Silver awards.

A flexible and innovative design allows the Universal Super Fitting® to interchangeably connect GRC, IMC and EMT and eliminate field threading, speeding up your installation and saving you time and money. Conduit can be threaded, unthreaded or both and can be GRC, IMC, EMT or any combination of them.

Universal Super Fitting® changes the rules to the game, as no other single product in the market today can do all of these things at one time. The Universal Super Fitting® helps make the job of the installing contractor far easier and affords them more time, money and allows them to secure more jobs in the wake of all of these savings.

The Konkore Fittings®’ Universal Super Fitting® brings the following features and benefits to the table:

  • Ease of installation/Quick Connect
  • Universal connecting – Threaded to Threaded, Threaded to Unthreaded
  • No more turning pipe
  • Self- pipe alignment
  • Eliminates field threading
  • Fit GRC/IMC/EMT (Fits all UL® approved metal pipe)

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