31 Aug 2016

Innovative electrical fittings partner offers extensive inventory with premium quality and service.

Atkore International®, a leading manufacturer of electrical products, is introducing its new Konkore Fittings® line, featuring a huge breadth of fittings, fast response, and quick delivery times. With more than 1500 SKUs and numerous proprietary labor saving fittings, Konkore Fittings® is the one-stop shop for all the fittings needed for multiple installation methods.

The extensive Konkore Fittings® line includes over 1500 SKUs in a well-rounded range of product categories, including steel EMT fittings, steel rigid fittings, and steel Liquidtight and flex fittings, as well as cord grips, steel and aluminum conduit bodies and covers, and rigid FS and FD boxes and covers. Also available is the brand new Universal Super Fitting® 3-piece coupling product range, which connects GRC/IMC and EMT (2-1/2″ to 4″) and eliminates filed threading to speed installation, while saving labor and space on the job site.

“With our new Konkore Fittings® line, customers can get all their fittings in one convenient location,” said Rodney Long, Atkore Raceway Senior Vice President of Sales. “Our tagline is Konkore connects your Kore business, and we honor that every day by offering exceptional quality, service and value. No matter what your needs, from special job quotes, to product inquiries, to shipping information, our Konkore team will give you a fast and courteous response.”