Konkore Liquidtight fittings are made from malleable iron, steel, stainless steel or nylon. Malleable iron or steel Liquidtight fittings are also zinc plated to prevent corrosion. Under the Liquidtight category, Konkore Fittings® offers the following products: Liquidtight Screw-On Connectors, Space Saver, Straight 4, 45 and 90 degree, Liquidtight to Rigid Conduit and Steel ferrules.

Our Liquidtight products are listed to UL® 514B under file number E207875 and to UL® 467 under file number E212551.

Konkore Liquidtight Fittings are certified for both wet and dry locations, including buried in concrete. Our products are commonly used in areas where protection from fluids and the elements are needed and where conduit flexibility is required.

Additional features of our Liquidtight Fittings include:

  • Tapered threaded male hub – NPT
  • Compact, slim diameter
  • Steel Locknut
  • Liquidtight/Raintight/Oiltight/Concrete Tight
  • Suitable for wet locations
  • Long ferrule prevents pullout & tight bend conduit pop out
  • RoHS Compliant