Konkore Fittings® is an innovative electrical fittings partner with premium quality and service, from Atkore International®.

Offering more than 1,500 SKUs and numerous labor savings products including:

  • Universal Super Fitting®
  • Steel EMT Fittings
  • Steel Rigid Fittings & Cast Iron
  • Steel Liquidtight & Flex Fittings & Cast Iron
  • Cord Grips
  • Malleable Iron and Aluminum Conduit Bodies and Steel, Aluminum and Cast Iron covers
  • Rigid FS and FD Boxes and Covers

In today’s market, quality product must be backed by excellent customer service. A fast and courteous response is what you can expect, no matter what your needs are. From special job quotes and product inquires to shipping information, Konkore Fittings® is proud to be your raceway connecting solution partner.

Konkore Fittings is Atkore’s solution to connect all of your electrical raceway systems, and was formed with the help of Steel Components Inc. (SCI), which has been a premiere supplier of electrical fittings to many leading brands in the industry for the last 20 years.  SCI owes the legacy it’s passed onto Konkore Fittings to its founder and product visionary, Sami Shemtov.

Over 50 years of experience in the electrical fittings industry

SCI was started by Sami Shemtov who has over 50 years of experience in the electrical fittings industry. Sami began his career in 1969 as a manufacturing engineer, and By 1997 Sami was founding his second successful electrical fittings manufacturing business: Steel Components Inc.

32 US  patents acquired

Sami has been instrumental in developing modern-day fittings demonstrated by the 32 US patents he’s acquired himself. He has led many industry firsts through his patents and inventions such as space saver connectors, raintight EMT compression connectors and couplers, insulated conduit bushings, steel bushings for rigid conduit, screw-on liquidtight fittings, quicklock connectors, double bite connectors, integrated gasket conduit body covers, and most recently the universal super fitting.

Led multiple industry firsts

Steel Components Inc was acquired by Atkore International in 2014. Konkore Fittings was launched in 2015 to remove the middle man and bring the savings directly to the electrical distributor.  The focus continues to be on innovation and labor saving solutions.  To this day, Sami continues to influence and elevate both SCI and Konkore Fittings.

Continued focus on innovation and labor savings solutions

Konkore Fittings joins Atkore’s trustworthy brands that you have relied on for decades, such as Allied Tube & Conduit, Unistrut and AFC Cable Systems. At Konkore Fittings, we look to add to not only our rich history of innovative products and solutions but also to Atkore’s. More than just connectors, Konkore Fittings provides innovation, value, and quality that you can trust.

On your next job, get connected with Konkore Fittings.