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Cross-Reference Tool

What's the Konkore Fittings® story?

Konkore Fittings® is Atkore’s solution to connect all of your electrical raceway systems, and was formed with the help of SCI, which has been a premiere supplier of electrical fittings to many leading brands in the industry for the last 20 years. Konkore Fittings® was created to remove the middle man and bring the savings directly to the electrical distributor. Konkore Fittings® joins Atkore’s trustworthy brands that you have relied on for decades, such as Allied Tube & Conduit®, Unistrut® and AFC Cable Systems®. At Konkore Fittings®, we look to add to our rich history of innovative products and solutions. More than just connectors, Konkore Fittings® provides innovation, value, and quality that you can trust. On your next job, get connected with Konkore Fittings®.

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