ecm-product-of-year-2017This one electrical fitting interchangeably connects GRC, IMC and EMT and eliminates field threading in order to speed installation.

Your conduit can be threaded, unthreaded or both. It can be GRC, IMC, EMT or any combination of them. There isn’t another single product in the market today that can do all of these these things at one time, thus making it a game-changer. The Universal Super Fitting makes the job of the installing contractor far easier and affords them more time, money and allows them to secure more jobs in the wake of all of these savings.

Think about what the Universal Super Fitting could do for you:

  • Speed of Installation – Just Insert the conduit and tighten the compression nut
  • Reduce Labor Cost – Connects quicker than Standard Couplings and 3-Piece Couplings
  • Reduced Material Cost – No need to purchase or inventory 3-Piece Couplings
  • Flexible Design – Easy transitions for GRC, IMC and EMT
  • Eliminates Field Threading – Connects to threaded or unthreaded product saving labor and space on the job site

Watch our video on how quick and easy it is to use this Universal Super Fitting!

Download (PDF, 523KB)