Why pay more for less? Connect everything with Universal Super Connector & Universal 5 Piece Coupling from Konkore Fittings®. Both Universal Super Connector & the Universal Super 5-Piece Coupling connect to threaded or unthreaded product saving time, money and valuable space on the job site.

Sporting a flexible steel design, both Universal Super Connector and Universal 5 Piece Coupling provide universal connecting from:

  • Threaded GRC/IMC to Threaded GRC/IMC
  • Threaded GRC/IMC to Unthreaded GRC/IMC/EMT
  • Unthreaded GRC/IMC/EMT to Unthreaded GRC/IMC/EMT

Both of these products can save you up to 50% on material cost saving.

The Universal Super Connector eliminates and replaces expensive and overpriced HUB and threadless connectors.

Universal 5 Piece Coupling eliminates and replaces various costly fittings such as: 3-piece couplings, split couplings, threadless couplings and rigid couplings.


  • Used to join two lengths of conduit; couples conduit when conduit cannot be turned
  • Threaded GRC/IMC to Threaded GRC/IMC
  • Threaded GRC/IMC to Unthreaded GRC/IMC
  • Threaded GRC/IMC to Thin Wall EMT
  • UL® Concrete-tight
  • C UL® us listed UL® 514B; C22.2 No. 18.3-12


  • Ease of Installation/quick-connect
  • Universal connecting – Threaded to Threaded, Threaded to Unthreaded
  • No more pipe turning
  • Self-Pipe Alignment
  • Eliminates Field Threading
  • Fit GRC/IMC/EMY (Fits all UL® approved metal pipe)
  • Eliminates/replaces various fittings:
    • 3-piece coupling
    • Split coupling
    • Threadless coupling
    • RIGID Coupling
    • HUB
    • Threadless Connector


  • Up to 50% Material Cost Savings
  • No need to turn the pipe
  • No need to thread the pipe
  • No need to disassemble the coupling
  • Better pipe alignment
  • Reduce waste/rework
  • Perfectly works in tight corners and spaces
  • Inventory Management (Less SKUs)
  • S. Patent No. 8.586.881
  • UL® 514B

Universal Super Connector & Universal 5-Piece Coupling are game changers in the industry. Both products offer the features and benefits that contractors have been asking for and Konkore delivered on. Universal Super Connector & Universal 5-Piece Coupling offer ease of installation, eliminate field threading and provide you with up to 50% in material cost savings.  Why pay more for less. Start using Universal Super Connector & Universal 5-Piece coupling now!

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