Malleable /Ductile Iron Conduit Bushings from Konkore Fittings are patented, strong and durable with the contractor in mind. These threaded insulated conduit bushings are superior to common zinc die cast bushings in tensile strength by as much as 25%. They are not subject to temperature/stress creep which can lessen the useful life of the bushing.

The insuliner is rated to 150 degrees Celsius and provides a smooth pulling surface that protects the pulled wire jacketing from abrasion. The insuliner won’t chip, crack, swell or shrink and resists chemicals and temperature extremes. The crisp cast body is zinc plated to resist corrosion and improve longevity. These conduit bushings are specifically designed for rigid and IMC applications and provide matching threads to make installation smooth and easy. These bushings are UL Listed 514B, Fed Spec W-F-408E, NEMA FB-1 and ROHS compliant.

The Malleable/Ductile Iron Conduit Bushings models also come grounded with preinstalled aluminum and copper lay-In grounding connectors. The lay-In style lug simplifies the insertion of the grounding wire, saving time. One set screw provided with each fitting locks the bushing in any desired position, further simplifying installation.

Grounded bushings are UL Listed for use with both copper and aluminum grounding conductors. These Grounded Bushings are UL Listed 514B & 467, Fed Spec W-F-408E, and NEMA FB-1 and ROHS compliant.

These Malleable/Ductile Iron Conduit Bushings and Conduit Grounding Bushings are available in a range of sizes that fit IMC/rigid pipe from ½” thru 6”. Here is how to read the part number: “BRC” – Bushing Rigid Conduit, “50”- One half inch Rigid Size, “1” – Lug Conductor Size Range, “A” Aluminum Lug and “KON” – Konkore Fittings Brand. Please see the convenient selection guide on our catalog page.

Because we know you have a choice, choose Konkore Fittings for value, quality and innovation.

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