Konkore Fittings Clamp Back Spacers for Rigid Conduit are heavy duty castings that are made to provide solid support for Rigid and IMC conduits. These crisp castings are made from malleable or ductile iron for long lasting performance. These Clamp Back Spacers can be used in wet or dry locations and are zinc plated to prevent corrosion and maintain support long term. The mounting hole is chamfered to allow the mounting screw head to sit flush with the top surface when fully installed, and the elongated hole allows for easy alignment with the corresponding One-Hole Strap. They’re ROHS compliant and UL listed, to standard #2239 and can be found in UL File # E213669.

Konkore Fittings Clamp Back Spacers are used to provide a consistent spacing of the conduit from a wall surface such as brick or masonry, as well as align the rigid or IMC conduit for insertion into boxes and enclosures. They’re simple to install and are typically paired with One-Hole Straps for Rigid Conduit, which are also ROHS compliant and UL Listed. This pair provides a secure mount for rigid and IMC conduit.

Konkore Fittings Clamp Back Spacers are available in a range of sizes from ½” thru 6” diameter to fit IMC/Rigid Conduits. Twelve sizes in total are available. Here is how to read the part number: “CB” – Clamp Back, “50”- One half inch IMC/Rigid Size, and “KON” – Konkore Fittings Brand. Please see the convenient selection guide on our catalog page.

Installation Guidelines

  1. To install, first determine the mounting locations of the spacers based on the path of the conduit.
  2. Next, mount the spacers as defined by NEC requirements with a fastener that is appropriate to the wall structure.
  3. Then, locate the conduit in the nest section of the spacer and place the corresponding One-Hole Strap over the conduit and insure it is seated properly.
  4. To finish the installation, install the second fastener thru the mounting hole of the One-Hole Strap and the corresponding hole in the spacer and secure. The conduit is now secure.

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