Konkore Fittings Cast Steel Nail Straps are tough, durable and designed with the contractor in mind. These straps set the standard for hammer-type conduit straps. Unlike straps stamped from sheet steel, these maintain their shape and resist bending and deformation when struck with a hammer. The nail straps provide a long lasting grip on IMC, rigid and EMT conduits. The tensile strength of these straps is even 30% higher than similarly shaped malleable iron type straps. Konkore Fittings Cast Steel Nail Straps can be used in wet or dry locations and are zinc-plated to prevent corrosion and maintain long term integrity.

Konkore Fittings Cast Steel Nail Straps are available in a range of sizes that fit EMT Conduit from ½” thru 1” and a range of sizes that fit IMC/rigid pipe from ½”thru ¾”. Three catalog numbers are available: NS-50KON, NS-75KON and NS-100KON. Here is how to read the part number: “NS” – Nail Strap, “50”- One half inch EMT Size, and “KON” – Konkore Fittings brand. For IMC/rigid conduit applications use one size nail strap size bigger than your conduit.

Installation Guidelines

Konkore Fittings Cast Steel Nail Straps are easily installed with a standard hammer. No special tools or additional fasteners are required. Installation is simple:

  1. Just route the length of IMC, rigid or EMT conduit.
  2. Measure and mark desired locations for the nail straps as defined by NEC Requirements.
  3. Align the Nail Strap with the marks.
  4. Place point side towards the wall.
  5. Strike the top of the shaft that aligns with the sharp point until the strap secures the conduit to the wall surface.

Always err on the side of caution and add additional nail straps if support is of concern.

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