This product was previously sold by AFC Cable Systems.

Available from Konkore Fittings, our Double Bite Saddle Type Connectors are made from steel with a nylon bushing for conductor protection and with a zinc plated finish.

Konkore Double Bite Saddle Type Connectors offer a revolutionary design that is one of a kind in today’s market.  The connector uses a saddle-shaped clip that is turned to clamp down on the cable.  The two legs of the saddle rest between the windings of the cable to keep it from being pulled out. The screw is retained using either a spring or wire clip.  The saddle can move up or down with turn the screw.  The connector comes in 90-degree, 45-degree and straight configurations.

Additional Konkore Double Bite Saddle Connector Features include:

  • One piece tubular construction affording extra strength
  • Dual gripping saddle clamps
  • Saddle clamp rides up & down on screw for ease of installation
  • Tri-head screws
  • Furnished with insulated throat
  • RoHS compliant

The saddle design allows a wider range of cable diameter. Konkore Double Bite Saddle Connectors are certified to be used with Armored Cable, Metal Clad Cable, MCI-A, HCF, and Luminary cables.

Applicable third party standards for Space Saver Fittings include:

  • Konkore Double Bite Saddle Connectors are used on dry locations.
  • Konkore Double Bite Saddle Connectors are listed to UL 514B and UL Certified under file numbers E238299 and E207875.

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